Colin and Brittany Graham are proud of their adopted “son,” even if he does weigh 700 pounds and has a tail! Bud E. Beaver is a very welcome edition to their ballooning family: a family that has truly been blessed with incredible adventures.

Colin began his piloting career at the age of 15, though his passion for the sport began when he was a just a toddler. After obtaining his commercial license at the age of  18, he opened Endeavor Ballooning in 2001. He has flown in 33 states and 6 countries since then, including international events with previous special shapes. He thanks God that his passion has afforded him so many unforgettable opportunities, and allowed him to pursue his love of the West.

Brittany is a Teacher of the Deaf and American Sign Language interpreter who grew up in the midwest. She had never seen a hot air balloon up close until she ran into Colin at a bookstore in Yuma, AZ and was very intrigued by the title on his business card.  Her love of ballooning grew as she and Colin built memories together, including her first Balloon Fiesta in 2011. The two were married in June of 2012, and look forward to traveling the world together.