Bertram Edward Beaver was born along Ferry Lake in the Bridger Mountains of Southwest Montana.
Bud E., as his parents called him, was a very happy beaver and had many friends. When he was small he would paddle around the lake and talk to all of them, the loons, squirrels, moose, bears, ducks and geese. All of the animals were very fond of Bud E. too and considered him to be one of their best pals.
There was one thing that bothered all of Bud E.'s friends. He was such a daydreamer! Life on and around the lake was meant to be simple. Every species did their animal jobs just as they were trained. Ducks quacked and swam, squirrels chattered and collected nuts, moose bellowed and loons went loony! However, Bud E. had no interest in building dams and chewing on trees. He had always wanted to fly!
Everyday he watched all of the birds soar and he especially liked the small seaplane that would carry humans into the air. To ride on the wind would be very fun he thought.
One day on his travels around the lake he came upon a small blonde boy who was skipping rocks over the water. He stopped to say hi. It was not a verbal hello but an acceptance of the boy's presence at the edge of the lake. Bud E. went on paddling down the lake back home to get dinner.
The next day Bud E. was on his daily rounds when he heard the familiar sound of the small seaplane overhead. He looked up to admire the little yellow plane as usual and could not believe his eyes! 
Well, you see the little blonde boy was also a daydreamer who had just taken his first airplane ride. It was so marvelous to ride on the wind, looking out and waving to all on the ground, so marvelous to see the beauty of the earth from high above it.
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It was the small blonde boy from the day before waving at him from the plane, grinning from ear to ear.
The blonde boy never forgot Bud E. and as he grew up and continued to fly he decided to let Bertram Edward Beaver have his wish. Today Bud E. Beaver travels the world as a hot air balloon, bringing delight and smiles to all little boys and girls (and big kids too!). Come see him and say "hi" sometime.
He's everybody's  friend.